6 Signs He Thinks You’re The One



Looks, I’m absolutely not your cupid. But I just want to share. Maybe this gonna be usefull or just FYI !! Lol

After a few months of dating with that perfect guy you start to wonder, could this be forever? Here are the 6 signs he thinks you’re the one too!

1. Friends
If his friends have serious relationships, you can assume that he wants the same as them.

2. He will welcome you to his friends
That doesn’t mean you have to be one of the boys. He just wants you to get to know his friends.

3. He takes you to his family
To introduce you to his family is a big step. After a while you’ll even be at his grandmother’s anniversary, he sees you as part of the family.

4. He talked about living together
A great deal needs to be done before a man wants to live with a woman. It means he wants you around him every day and wake up together every morning.

5. He asked you for advice about his work
If he asks you for advice about career moves or things he’s worried about, it means that your opinion is important to him. It means that he trusts you and sees you as an equal.

6. He has joked about ‘if we have children later’
Believe it or not, but one day you will have children. And even though he was joking, in every joke is a little bit of truth.