See You Again !

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When I See You Agin ^^

When I See You Agin ^^

Hello, long time no see. Very long time I didn’t touch this blog. I owe a few trip story. Gonna publish the stories soon. Maybe after I finished my last trip in this year. Perhaps I didn’t make any additional trip :p . Two days forward I have a schedule to visit Bangkok. And this time I traveling solo. Really excited about this trip, but a bit scared too, ’cause I never traveling alone, not even abroad alone. Anyway I plan this trip since five months ago. But I didn’t prepare much.

After asked about homestay to some friends who has traveling to Bangkok before, I decide to stay at Yim Huai Khwang Boutique, the place was arround Yim Huai Khwang Station. Prang just suggest me the place. (Bytheway Prang is one of my friend came from Bangkok, she was cute and nice. I know her from the NXGramers Community. We get in touch by accidantly. She joined the community after me. After had a little talk, she decide to be my Guide when I’m in Bangkok. I will spen 5days in Bangkok, but Prang only Guiding me for 2days, Saturday and Sunday. That’s really unbelievable! And thankyou Allah !!). Back to the hostel, I just booked the room this morning. Hahaha I didn’t booked the room earlier, because this months in low season, not much people go to Bangkok for Holiday, some of them just visit Bangkok for Business.

Here is The Front of The Hostel !!

Here is The Front of The Hostel !!

I didn’t plan my trip very much, I’m going to visit some museum, the one of famous museum in Bangkok is Madame Tussauds. And I’d like to visit Sea Life. (Just because I got a good offering from their website). And for visiting a few temples, Prang will take care of it. Will be start at this Saturday for exploring temples, shrines, markets and many more.

She really good for make the schedule ^^ Thankfully she was there.

1st page

1st page

2nd Page

2nd Page

The saddest thing is I still had some College Task, still confused to bring the task to Bangkok, or finished them before I leave. Because the task should be done before September 4th, 2015. Besides I will be back here at September 5th, 2015. I’ll figured it out very soon!

Back to traveling, I become travel addicted since I join Garuda Indonesia Airlines. It’s nice, to getting know more places in this Earth (Specially Indonesia) by exploring it. But I’m not that expert. Started with my first Trip to Yogyakarta at the end of 2013. After that Belitung (Belitong), Kuala Lumpur-Singapore, Malang-Bromo and Bangkok for the end of my Journey at 2015. I frequenlty go to my Hometown-Bali twice every year. But I did only at 2013 and 2014. This 2015 I didn’t came home yet. I’ll make sure for visiting Bali at the early 2016, for my little brother birthday.

Well so sorry if this post only about my list to do for this month. HAHAHA, I’ll write my last journey soon, if I have a free time. I really miss this blog anyway, but what am I supposed to do? too busy with my Job, my College, they both driving me CRAZY!!

See you super soon buddies, of course with my next story !!

Next --> Perth ?

Next –> Perth ?


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