Entire Life



What’s the only reason you’ve feeling the happiness in your Life?

You had a lot of happiness, but what the most happiness you’ve got in your whole Life?



Getting Married?


Giving Birth?

Being GrandFather & GrandMother?

and many more.

Every people has their own way to make them happy. Sometimes their way didn’t same as ours. Why should we following their Life Style? Sometimes we are always seeing everybody’s happiness without seeing ours. We live, We breath, We love, We laugh, we own all of it. Don’t let anybody influence your entire Life. Even they are your parents. Live with the way you’ve feeling comfortable for. You deserve to being happy by yourself. Being yourself, didn’t make you looks weird. That’s you. Fully yourself. Let’s fill up our storybook with our ways. We can make every dreams in our dreams to became true. Or every little thought, that we’ve never imagine that’s gonna be happen in our next days. That’s Life, Unexpected, and we Live in.

Today, we wake up with new dreams, with one positive thought, with courage and belief.

Let’s do every little adventure in our life. We can make it, because we are the only one who hold the wheel.

Happilly ever after did exsist. I belief that. It’s not kind of bullshit. If we clearly understand how to Live in this Life.

ps :
Good Morning.


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