Love is Like a Roller Coaster


being in Love is Happiness

Isn’t easy to be fall in love with somebody. But, it’s easy to be attracted with somebody. Well everybody in this earth had that experience. And now I just want to share, a few signs we might be Fall In Love with someone special.

1. So-many emotions.

2. Those butterflies in your stomach. Sleepless nights.

3. You are awake and awake.

4. However, it is quite a nice feeling.

5. Romantic movies are suddenly so romantic … * sigh *

6. You sing and hop all over the place.

7. And if you don’t, then you stare somewhere in the distance.

8. You call him because you miss him.

9. If people ask about him you act cool.

10. While you actually want to jump around because of the butterflies.

11. You don’t care what people think about you.

12. Because you’re in love and it’s amazing!!

How do you think? Is that nice isn’t? When you’re in Love with somebody you’ll feeling very blessed all day. But sometimes when that Love couldn’t match as you wish. You felt the pain, and sometimes you regret it. Did you ever imagine, the days before you had a heartbroken? You are really deeply in Love with you ex, and remember about the happiness that you’ve shared each other. Doesn’t matter if they are hurting you. You still had your own life. You should move on and looking for another Love. They are might be not the last but they giving us a chance to learn about “how to truly love somebody”.

Just being good with your ex will less the enemies that you had in this earth, btw.

Have a good day ^^

Warm Hugs,

'AL & KK'

This seems perfect isn’t ?


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