Hello ‘Strangers’


ma Hot Guy

In this afternoon, I have no idea for doing something. So I decide to make some List about how-to-know-the-guy-that-you-met-that-day or actually for the simply words is “Strangers”. I didn’t had so much experience for this, lol. But sometimes I could felt it, and realized that he wants me from his eyes.

Well, here we go !!

15 Signs that MIGHT be HE wants you !

1. He laughs at all your jokes
You’re funny, NOBODY is as funny as you.

2. He is interested and wants to hear you talk
He’s the only person willing to listen to your boring stories.

3. He touches your lower back
Some people are more physical than others, but if he touches your lower back, he’s usually interested.

4. He pays your drinks
This is a signal that men have send to us since the day alcohol was invented.

5. He sends you evening texts.
No, not sex-ting. But messages in which he asks how your day was and where he wishes you a goodnight.

6. He is trying to pick a movie that you both will enjoy.
Though, he secretly hopes you two won’t finish the movie..

7. He wants to hug you
With the excuse that it’s winter and he finds it so cold.

8. He likes all your Instagram photos
Okay, maybe not all. But all the photos on which your face is displayed.

9. He winks at you.
That’s his way of saying that he likes you.

10. He touches your leg when he is talking
Because he wants to touch you so much.

11. He added you on Facebook immediately after you met.
He could hardly wait until he gets home to find out about your relationship status.

12. He sees little changes
He notices that you’ve been to the hairdresser and you have a new dress. Really, wow!

13. He asks your opinion about small things
“Hey, I’m shopping. What do you think of this shirt?”

14. You see him watching you from a distance
No, not in a scary stalker-way.

15. He says he wants you
Men can be very straight forward.

I can’t believe those little things would be very important, to proving your ‘strangers’ wants you really bad.

So enjoy your ‘strangers’ and make him the best man ever for your Life. This kind of situation, I mean when you just getting closer with somebody that you might-you-love-him, and wishing he would love you back, is the precious moment that you should had.

Warm Hugs,


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