One Day in Bandung


Yesterday I came to visit Father’s hometown. Bandung. Luckily, yesterday my College is off. In the early Sunday Morning I went to Bandung, at the first plan, I want to visit ‘Tebing Keraton’ and see the sunrise. But I was too late. I arrived at Tebing Keraton at 8.00 am. Tebing Keraton is located near with The Forest Park Ir.H. Juanda. In Kampung Ciharegem Puncak, Desa Ciburial, Bandung, West Java. From the center of city, go straight to Dago Pakar, till you found the Forest Park Ir. H. Juanda than turn right, you will past the houses around. Finally you’ll found The Stall named “Warung Bandrek”. You can park your car at that stall. It cost around Five Thousand or Ten Thousand Rupiah. After park the car, I think Tebing Keraton is near from the stall. But I guess wrong. I should walking along 3 kilometers. And it’s so tired. LOL.

Well, doesn’t matter, it’s gonna be paid by this situation. Beautiful moment I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the pict. Love the nature. Actually, I hate the height, but I’m trying to enjoy the nature, and ignore my fear. And it works. I can reach the stone!!! LOL.

Here’s more picture of the Tebing Keraton !! I took some pict on my way.

In my way to back home, I found this cute kitty on the car. He’s sleep, and looks very sleepy. When I woke him, he just ignoring me and go sleep again, he move his body but didn’t open his eye at all. LOL. This kitty is too cute, I thought to brought him, but I a good place and maybe I can’t take care of him. So I just leave him behind.

That’s a perfect oneday. At least I’m alive with this journey. Wanna catch the next journey, by the way. Wish I could make my Life full of travelling. See you again on the next trip, readers.

Warm Hugs,


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