Inside these ‘nice’ Day


Happy All Day Long

I’ve got very bad sore throat. I can’t eat or even speak would make my throat very sick. Absolutely I never want to feel this pain. again! My heart was very happy all these days, but my throat was very bad. I’ve got fever for every night, and it happen since two days ago, I don’t know the fever would be back again or not. Well I’m trying to survive with this pain, doesn’t matter my jobs run too much and my college task waiting to be done. I think, I can solve them in time. Well the due date for my college task is tomorrow. LOL. And tonight I’ve got a plan for going to Bandung, and waiting the sunrise come at Tebing Keraton. Forget my sore throat, my fever, my college task. I just can not wait for back to nature again. But, while I’m on my way to Bandung tonight, I should finished my college task (well, two task left. haha). Tomorrow I should go to college, but I’ve got the information that my college would be off. Yeay! Finally I can free from the college, even it’s just for a day. I really want to make my oneday off being quality time. Going to Tebing Keraton for sunrise-ing, and visit Trans Studio Bandung, well after that just travelling around that city. Let’s we rawk \m/

OH do you remember about my latest post? about Sunny Dry? I’ve got in touch with him again, after a week he just left Indonesia. Well I know send message to his Line would never work. So I decide to send an email. Than, after I send the email, he just sent a message from Line and ask about my number. Well since a week ago we keep in touch on Whatsapp. I’m feeling grateful for this seven days. You make my days being Sunny, even the reality was Rainy. LOL. The greatest things when I got in touch with your Dad, your Dad was very polite. I always try my best to help him, because his politely. I’m proud to find another Moslem from another Country. Especially for today you are very nice to me. Thanks for suggesting some places around China. Wish next year I could be there, as I can.

ps : Nice too known you & your Dad

Warm Hugs,


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