Dear Sunny Dry

Yeah. It Was You

Yeah. It Was You

While you read this, please play the Song of The Script – For The First Time

This is for somebody that left me with a Good Memories. Sorry for very late post.

Here I am, at the Coffee Shop, waiting somebody that will never come. Yeah, I don’t know why I’m waiting. I just do this.

Remember the first time when we met. At that day I just saw you, without my permission my eyes always staring at you. Unfortunately you just pass me and never said anything to me. We didn’t talk. We didn’t even get in touch at that day. But at that time, I just really curious about you. Maybe you just thinking I’m in Love with you, but it’s really not. When I see you for the first time, the eyeglasses just stick on your face, and your hands being busy with your papers (something that I guess your ticket, visa and copy of passport, maybe). Waiting too long because it was too crowded, then decided to leave for a moment and gave your Dad’s numbers to our security, ask him to called you when your turn is getting closer. That was clear in my head, even if that moment already past almost a month. You came at February 15th, 2015. Then, your problem doesn’t solve yet, at that day. My friend just confuse to process your schedule changed. My friend told you to waiting the confirmation about your ticket and you decided to coming back again tomorrow (you back on Monday – February 16th, 2015)

In the Afternoon you came with your Dad. That day, the first time I got in touch with you. The first time I talk with you. But mostly I talk with your Dad, I don’t know why you didn’t ask too much at that day. Well, our meeting doesn’t take too much time. Just a short moment, but I can see you closer. Actually I adore your handsome face But don’t be happy because I said you’re handsome. I just can’t tell a lie about that.

A day passed after that. on Tuesday – February 17th, 2015 I just keep your record on my Phone-book. Suddenly your Line ID appear in my Line. LOL. Finally I got you! After looking for your social media on Google, I just got your Linked in, well I’m not use that application, I registered that application but didn’t know how to use it. Then, I’m trying to send you a message only for say “Hi” on the Line. Really I just thinking to make a friendship with you, maybe we can sharing everything about how’s the country that you used to live, or any destination for traveling. Just that, didn’t mean to be closer more than being friends. I swear. LOL. Well back to the “message”, you never reply it. But I’m not really waiting your reply, seriously :p

So, the story end up just like that. As expected, we will never get in touch. At All. Untill a week after that, I was preparing to sleep, and you just reply my message. And say sorry for late reply. Well I’m too sleepy at that time, but after got your message I can’t sleep anymore. LOL. We had a short chatting, then you suddenly just called me by Line Talk. We had a good conversation. At that time, I would like to say sorry because I wasn’t irreverent to keep your contact. But, we just enjoy our conversation, and I forgot to say where I got your Line ID. Well you never asking about that, so I keep that, waiting for you to ask me. But in our next conversation you didn’t ask anything to me, I always had a lot of question, and you just answer that. That was nice, at least for this two weeks. We had so much conversation about you. Not about me. But thankyou for being nice towards me. Tomorrow is the day you should be back to Beijing. I really want to ask you for going out. But I didn’t think it will be work. Last time, I sent the chat, you didn’t reply that or even just read it. I think, maybe you didn’t open your Macbook all this day because too busy for preparing everything. I didn’t expect too much that you’ll be here with me. Meet me. But I’m still here. Writing this. For you, Sunny Dry.

Have a Safe Flight Tomorrow Hamza AmanUllah Khan. Hope we’ll meet again. Someday.

Windy Rainie

ps : Thankyou for being nice ^^


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