Belitong Trip on February 2st 2015

Explore Belitong, Indonesia, Jelajah Nusantara, Travel, Traveling Indonesia

The holiday almost over!! Oh nooo, today was the last time I stay in Belitong. Back to the usual activity. Back to where we are came from. Working, Studying and Sleeping. Lol. My flight from Belitong to Jakarta at 12.20 pm. We check out from the Martani Hotel around 8 o’clock in the morning. We visit the souvenirs shop and some snack from Belitong. How busy we are to choosing stuff or food for bring back to Jakarta.

After spending an hours more to bought everything that we need, we continue to visited Kaolin Lake, near from the Hanandjoeddin Airport. The lake was so blue, this place was for tin mining. Around the lake there is contractor’s machine. Do you want to see, how beautiful the lake? Here the photos for you. Check this out pals.

I got nice shoot at this time, right? Lol.
By the way, thankyou for reading my post about Traveling to Belitong. It was so great traveling for me. Wish you could come to visit belitong as soon as possible. Don’t forget to shared your traveling on your own blog.
Well see you on my next journey. This month would be full time for me to work and study. Well let’s we see around March, I had a plan to explore some place at Bandung. My Father’s Hometown. Actually not the City but the other side from Bandung. I wish I have some day off to do my next journey. Ameenn. Thankyou once again guys. Have a blessed day.

With Love,



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