Belitong Trip on February 1st 2015

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Icon of Belitong

Hello, still with my journey in Belitong, Tanjung Pandan, West Indonesia. I would like to continue the traveling. This day, me and my friends decide to visited a few islands at North Belitong. But before we going to the islands, we went to one of famous snack bar in Belitong. The Place called “Mie Belitong ATEP”. Some of my friend tell me, the noodles was so great. So we tried to taste “Mie ATEP”. The location is in the middle of the City. About almost 10 minutes from Martani Hotel by car.

Well, the taste of the noodles is too sweet. Not my type, actually. I like spicy culinary. But for those who like the sweet taste should be trying.

ps : sorry I’m not good to capture the “food”

The Address of Mie Belitong ATEP :

Jl. Sriwijaya No. 27, Belitong

Contact 0719-21464 or 0819-29591191

Around 9 o’clock in the morning, we get in the car and leave the city for visited Tanjung Kalayang Beach. Departure docks to visit the islands. Almost forty five minutes driving from the city to arrived at that beach. We arrived at Tanjung Kalayang beach around 10 o’clock. The place isn’t far from Tanjung Tinggi Beach, the last place that we visited a day before. When we arrived there, I just thinking to jump in to the beach. The beach was so blue, like a sky. The wave a bit high, but I still want to swimming. After prepare some stuff to be brought at the islands, and some stuff for snorkeling, we are come in to the boat. Unfortunatelly, I didn’t have underwater pocket for my phone or camera. I can not capture the great Life under the sea.

The first voyage to the Lengkuas Island. The best place for Snorkeling. Take an hour more to sail on the sea till we anchored at the Lengkuas Island. I’m not feeling dizzy, just a bit scared because of the high wave. Fear the wave would destroy our boat. But, I distract my mind to gratefully for seeing beautiful creature from Allah SWT. The nature was so great! The skies is cloudly, but still spacious from usually. The sea was so blue, the tiny islands that we pass by, Tiny fish jump out of the water surface. Subhanallah, it was so great. I love my way to pass the seas. Alhamdulillah.

Can you see on my picture, the rocks? The rocks shape just like a bird. Charachteristic from Belitong. Nobody could make something like that. According to the people of Belitong, the stone was formed just like that. How great the creature of Allah SWT.

Here we are! Finally we anchored at Lengkuas Island, looks the beautiful moment that I could took for you !

When arrived at the Island, the skies was so cloudly. Sorry for the bad picture.

Let’s we snorkeling. Pardon me !! The Nature was so GREAT isn’t?

Looks how we snorkeling! LOL, the wave is too bad. When I had to give the fish some food under the sea, the boat go too far from me caused of the big wave. Well I just spent 30 minutes to snorkeling. But I just can’t stop to swimming and gave the food for the fish. Sorry for didn’t take a picture under the sea. I just can tell you, how beautiful the Life under the Sea in Lengkuas Island. The coral is in Good Condition, the fish is colorful. I see the big blue fish just like a Dory on Finding Nemo. I see the tiny red fish, gold and green fish. Oh my Godness, the best moment that I ever had when I traveling to Belitong is this moment. I promise to buy an underwater case for my NX3000. For the next trip I should have a picture under the sea with the fish and coral. Bismillah.


The next journey is Kepayang Island, we had a lunch there, but some of us getting dizzy and can’t take they luch. Unfortunately I enjoy my meal only with Firas. After finished our meal, we walking around the island. The Island’s too tiny. Here is the picture that I took around the Kepayang Island. Love this Island, just a few visitors and some fisherman. I could take the picture as much as I can. LOL

The next trip is Piggy Island, but can not be there because my friends can not continue the trip. They are too dizzy and so seasick .So we decide to go back to Tanjung Kalayang Beach. On my way, the fisherman on my boat pick up three cutes starfish. Here’s they are. I’m afraid to touch them, but I’m trying to hold them. LOL

And the last place for today is Sand Island or in Indonesia “Pulau Pasir”. The smallest island in North of Belitong. Here’s the picture.


Pasir Island

Alhamdulillah, our trip for today already done very well. We back to the city safely and visit Oce’s house again for attend ceremony of hers. Thankyou for read this page. Don’t forget to come visit Belitong !! Love you guys.

With Love,


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