One Fine Day

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Today I just met with Mr I Ketut Canadarma, he’s a professor of architecture. He taught at Pelita Harapan University in Tangerang. We have a little talk, most about Bali, because we are born in that Province. He telling me about his wife living in Surabya with his Daughter. His Daughter is about my age. Still studying at Petra University in Surabaya. His wife is a lecturer at Petra University. It’s been 20 years had a long distance married-ship, and every once in a month he back to Surabaya.

He told me about his last vacation to Singapore, he and his family has a plan to booked a flight from Surabaya to Singapore by Airasia at December 28th 2014 and would be back from Singapore to Surabaya at January 4th 2015. But, suddenly he changed his mind to book a flight from Surabaya to Singapore at December 22nd 2014 and Singapore to Surabaya at December 29th 2014. Just because he thinking to celebrate New Year in Indonesia. And at that time, his wife agreed with his choice. Usually his wife couldn’t change her mind quickly as he want.

And than he flight from Surabaya to Singapore, enjoy the traveling with his family. On December 29th 2014, the day he should back from Singapore to Surabaya he got the news from local TV in Singapore, that on December 28th 2014 there was an accident of Airasia QZ8501, the plane was missing from the radar, and as we know the plane was crashed in Java Sea. He shocked, because that plane should be took him and family back from Singapore to Surabaya as QZ8502.

He continued his flight back from Singapore to Surabaya. Alhamdulillah they arrived in Surabaya safely. They colleagues from Surabaya and Tangerang be grateful that they alive. They colleagues just thinking they are the victims of Airasia QZ8501.
He realized that God still give him and family chance to live, to be close with God. That’s why he always gratefully from now on.
Unfortunately, his daughter’s bestfriend was the one of passenger in Airasia QZ8501. They both had a plan to meeting at Orchard Road on December 28th, after her bestfriend landing in Singapore. But God had another good plan for them.

I’m so sad to hear that story, so we talk about another topic. Sometimes he ask about my Life here, where I’m living, with whom I living. And one of his stories had caught my attention is, He told me about Green School in Badung, Bali by John Hardy. John Hardy is famous jewelry designer. John Hardy and Cynthia Hardy is the founder of Green School. well, after Mr Ketut leaving, I browsed on the Google, and God !!! The School was amazing. You can see the photos below this, I got some photos from Google.

I promise to visit that School when I’m back to Bali. The architecture was cool, and so artistic. Well this is my story on February 18th in the morning. Sorry for late post, but I wish you enjoy this post. Thankyou.

With Love,


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