New Blog + New Dream


Good Afternoon,
It’s been so long, not touch this blog. But, I’m officially decide to move on from the old blog ( and be here. Because, I think I need to move on. too much story about LOVE. I just want to explore my mind and not to think about it again. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be in Love again. I just want to escape from that, for a moment and explore my mind in different ways. I need to wake up in every morning with happiness. It’s enough for me to think about the sadness every single day. I want to leave that as soon as possible. You know? Sadness is a feeling, we decided to live or leave that feeling.

With the cup of coffee in my hand, I promise not to overreacting with Love anymore. Just too boring, I need more adventure to train my adrenaline. I need to touch the nature to be more alive. I need to feel happy in every single breath I took. for being happy I’m not waiting or looking for it. But I create it. The moment I would be happy everyday.

My new dreams start in 2015. To explore INDONESIA. I would like to spent my free-days and my money for traveling. be kind with the unknown, learning about every culture in Indonesia, explore every corner of Indonesia. Well tomorrow I will explore one of Island in West Sumatera. Wait for the new story from my blog ^^

With Love


Belitung Island


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